Receipt Template Sample

When you make a payment for goods or services, you will get a receipt from the provider of the goods or services. This receipt is useful as proof of payment for the buyer and documentation for calculating financial benefits for the business owner. Unlike invoices, receipts are issued when payment is made. Meanwhile, the invoice is given to the buyer before he pays the payment. The following are examples of receipt templates:

  • Sample Store Receipt

Store receipts, as the name suggests, are used to record transactions carried out at the store. You can find some of these in a sample store receipt: your store address, recipient information, commodity items sold, payment methods, signatures.

  • Simple Receipt Template Sample

For all types of transactions, you can download and modify our simple receipt templates on this site. Some examples of simple receipt templates that we have are sample rent receipts, property rental receipts, store receipts, printable goods and service receipts, and simple delivery receipt templates.

  • Printable School Receipt Template

Printable school receipt template contains a statement of proof of payment for a student’s school. Usually, this document is included in the school registration form. Some receipts related to schools include donation receipts, daycare receipts, student enrolment and instruction agreements, tuition and fees receipt forms.

  • Service Receipt Template Printable

If you are a service provider, you must provide evidence to customers if they have used and paid for your services. This document is essential for the sustainability of your business because it is one of the proofs for calculating your finances and giving trust to your clients. Some examples of printable service receipt templates that we provide on this site are computer service company receipt templates, tow truck service receipt templates, and medical treatment receipt templates.

  • Sample Watercraft Bill Of Sale

When you buy a watercraft, you will also certainly get a receipt. The content is aimed to transfer ownership of a watercraft from the seller to the buyer. This bill of sale document should only be filled-in and signed by both parties and not else. The document should have been delivered after the buyer has paid the intended cash. Here are some samples of watercraft bill of sale.

  • Sample Vehicle Bill Of Sale

As well as the watercraft bill of sale, you will also get a vehicle bill of sale when you buy any road vehicles. The form usually consists of terms and agreements, vehicle information, seller information, buyer information, and signatures. Get your vehicle bill of sale sample templates here.

  • Sample Trailer Bill Of Sale

Any bill of sale document will contain similar information. In trailer bill of sale, you can find general information like seller information, buyer information, trailer classification, sale price, payment plan, and payment method. Get your sample trailer bill of sale here.

  • Sample Taxi Receipt Template

Receipt of travel by taxi is usually given when you have booked the taxi in advance. A sample taxi receipt template contains travel dates, taxi numbers, taxi drivers, departure locations, travel destinations, subtotal costs to be paid, tips for drivers, and addresses and taxi provider numbers that can be contacted.

  • Sample Service Receipt

Find various sample service receipts on this site. All templates you can download for free. Open the downloaded file in a word processing program or spreadsheet. Then, edit the sections that have been marked with your information. Finally, print receipts on good quality paper and give them to your clients / customers / consumers.

  • Sample Restaurant Receipt

When you pay for a meal at a restaurant, you get your receipt. The usefulness of this receipt is certainly a proof that you can use as a document to calculate your expenses. A restaurant receipt sample usually contains the name of the restaurant, restaurant address, restaurant contact, billing number, name of the type of food purchased, the amount of food, the price per menu, and total payment (after adding food tax and deducting discounts.)