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Step by Step Writing a Rental Receipt Template

If your state requires a landlord to issue a receipt when a tenant pays money, you have to know the proper format of rental receipt template. Here, you can actually use a receipt booklet. However, it is better if you make it by your own.

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How to Write a Rental Receipt Template

Whether you want to make a rental receipt form using a computer or consider handwriting it, you have to pay attention to the rules and format carefully. To make the proper template or form, you need to follow some steps. Here, we will share the detailed step by step in making the template.

Sample Business Rent Receipt Templates

To write the receipt template, you should start with a header. To make the header, you have to include some important information. The first is the name of the business or company. Besides that, you also need to provide its address. Then, it is also needed to add the contact information.

After creating a header of the receipt template, the second step that you should do is to include Date. In this section, you must input the date when you received the rental payment. Still in this step, you also need to input Rental Period section as well as the date the rental payment covers.

The next section that you have to make is Amount of Payment. This section requires you to input the payment amount clearly and rightly. Besides that, you also must describe the Type of Payment. The payment type can be different from one to other cases such as in cash, via credit card, etc.

Make sure that you fill them out in the rent receipt form accordingly. Still in this section, you should include “Rent Received From”, too. This section requires you to state the name of your tenant. Make sure that you state the real and full name rightly. The name must be same with his/her identity card.

After you fill out the template completely, lastly you have to sign off the receipt template. However, you should check it again whether there is missing information or not. The receipt’s signature makes this template valid. Below the signature, you have to write your full name.

Once you finish creating the rental receipt, you need to make a copy. It aims for your records. Alternatively, you can fill out the separate form if you print it from a computer. Another option is to buy a receipt booklet. So, you will have a copy for your record and the tenant.

Not all states require rental receipt. However, many states require it. That is why you have to understand how to make it. By following the steps above, now you can practice writing a rental receipt by your own.

Rental receipt template is used in different businesses. For example, there are vehicle rental receipt, space rental receipt, home rental receipt, heavy machinery rental receipt, electronic rental receipt, etc. Hopefully this detailed guideline step by step will be a useful reference.


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