Resume Template Sample

Resume is a document made by prospective employees for the purpose of applying for work in a particular company. This document is formal and contains a curriculum vitae, educational experience, work experience, and special skills possessed by prospective employees. A resume will be selected by recruiters to determine which prospective employees have prospects for working at the company. If they pass the selection, they will be called for interview and health tests. Basically, a resume is a “weapon” used by prospective employees to “advertise” themselves to hiring managers.

The following are examples of resumes that you can use as guidelines for making your best resume.

  • Full Stack Web Developer Resume Sample

In the full stack sample developer web resume sample that we have provided, you can see that you must include work experience that matches the position you are applying for. The work experience that can support you includes web developers, graphic designers, IT tech support, and IT tutors.

  • Experienced Recruiter Resume Sample

In every large company, there is always a recruiter position that manages prospective new employees. This position is certainly promising for those who have the expertise to adapt quickly, smart to manage people, and smart to see the potential of prospective employees. An experienced hire recruiter in the IT field must also have strong knowledge related to IT and software in order to assess the qualifications of prospective employees. Here is an example of an experienced recruiter resume sample.

  • Executive Personal Assistant Resume Sample

Personal assistants work to help superiors to do jobs such as managing appointments, providing information such as discussion reports, and scheduling business trips. Anyone can be a personal assistant but preferably those who are experienced or secretarial graduates. A personal assistant must have expertise such as thorough, fast learner, polite, friendly, and professional. Here is the example of an executive’s personal assistant resume sample.

  • Events Planner Resume Sample Template

An event organiser certainly wants to hire an experienced events planner. Some requirements for this position are being passionate about works, able to work with team, able to quickly find solutions, able to multitask, and has strong connections to various range of people. See our events planner resume sample templates here.

  • Events Coordinator Resume Sample

To be a good events coordinator, you need several qualifications. You must be able to negotiate total cost between clients and vendors, assist the event manager with contracts, direct vendors at the events, manage customers’ portfolios, and monitor the budget. See the sample of events coordinator resume here.

  • Entry Level Software Engineer Resume Sample

If you are a software developer graduate, you might be able to target work with an “entry level software engineer” position. The required qualifications include having basic knowledge of at least two programming languages, being able to analyse the chain of events and applying their knowledge to solve problems that arise, have critical thinking skills and create solutions quickly, are good at communicating, can work in a team, and have good interpersonal skill. See our entry level software engineer resume samples here.

  • Dump Truck Driver Resume Sample

Dump truck drivers are a work that is often underestimated even though it is very helpful to human daily life. To become a dump truck driver, you must have the qualifications to operate heavy equipment safely and efficiently, be skilled at doing routine checks on dump trucks; comply with instructions issued by the company, make reports to be reported to superiors. Here is an example dump truck driver resume sample.

  • Director Real Business Resume Sample Template

The real estate business is a promising land for those who are graduates of real estate, business, management, and economics. A real business director must have a high leadership spirit, be able to manage a team, have great communication skills, can work efficiently, can negotiate with partners and clients, be able to financially manage a project, be able to work under pressure, and can work with targets and deadlines. See an example of a resume to apply for the position of director of real business here.

  • Digital Social Media Manager Resume Sample

Social media has become a very influential tool in the development of a business, both businesses that are based online and offline. Therefore, work as a digital social media manager is increasingly promising in this rapid technological era. A social media manager must have the following qualifications: be able to work well with internal and external stakeholders, conduct market reviews, manage staff consistently, lead the company’s social department, create and present opportunities to take markets through influencers and online media. Download our example of digital social media manager resume here.

  • Digital Marketing Resume Sample

A digital marketing has a duty to create, manage and implement creative marketing campaigns. The campaign must be able to promote the company, its products and services. The qualifications sought are usually to have good networking, have great writing and speaking skills, know about SEO and SEM, be able to make videos that are used for campaign projects, work with an emphasis on results, and have a good personality. Download free digital marketing resume sample here.

  • Devops Resume Sample

A devops manager has the responsibility of writing security code to secure the application or system infrastructure. These candidates need to have a number of key skills and qualifications, among them are graduates majoring in technology, working professionally, have great speaking and writing skills, can work individually or in teams, understand and can write code to carry out Devops projects (Python, Vagrant , Docker, Git, Jira, Shell, Ant, and Jenkins. A person who has had long experience in the field of devops such as devops manager and devops designer service has a higher chance of being accepted as Head Devops Manager. We have provided a devops resume sample for you at no cost.

  • Dentist Resume Job Description

The work as a dentist, as the name implies, treats complaints about teeth and mouth, provides related medicines, and provides dental and oral health care to patients. Dentists can also provide aesthetic treatments to patients such as installing braces, whitening teeth, and making and installing dentures. The dentist must be a graduate of the dentistry faculty or equivalent. He must also have a warm, friendly, and caring personality. This is an example of a Dentist Resume that you can download for free.

  • Dental Resume Sample

Just like resumes to apply for a dentist position, you must also be a dentistry graduate or equivalent when applying for dental care work. In fact, if you apply to fill the position of Senior Doctor, you must already have relevant experience (can be up to 10 years of experience). You must also be familiar with and skilled in using orthodontic devices. Dental resume sample can be downloaded here.

  • Corporate Marketing Resume Sample

Corporate marketing has the responsibility to attract the attention of prospective customers. The marketing team must be good at determining the form of advertising that appeals to them. Marketing positions in companies are generally promising but full of challenges. You will also face many competitors who are aiming for the same position. Therefore, prepare your resume as best you can. Write down all your achievements that are relevant to the field of work you are going to pursue. Look at an example of a corporate marketing resume here.

  • Controller Accounting Resume Sample

The position of controller accounting is very suitable to be filled by people who have accounting education backgrounds and have had experience as accounting assist controllers for at least one year. Your job as a controller accounting requires you to accompany income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows. You also need to be able to implement the tools used to run automated financials. There are many other responsibilities as a controller accounting. You can see the controller accounting resume sample on the following page.