Sample Standard Confidentiality Agreement Template

How to Create a Standard Confidentiality Agreement Step by Step

Confidentiality agreement is a legally binding contract where a business or person promises to treat specific info as a trade secret & promises not to disclose it to others without authorization. It is divided into some types and one of them is standard confidentiality agreement. Let’s check it out!

How to Write a Standard Confidentiality Agreement

A standard confidentiality agreement template should contain some details. The first is confidential information. Here, you will have to define the confidential information. It is info that has commercial value in the business so that it is not allowed to be shared to other people outside of the agreement.

The second detail is related to exclusions from the confidential information. It relates to information which is known publicity at the disclosure time. Besides, it also relates to the information discovered by the receiving party before the disclosure done by the disclosing party.

This may also relate to any info learned by the receiving party from legitimate means other than from the disclosing part or its representatives. One more, it can also relate to info disclosed by the receiving party with its prior written approval. That’s all what belongs to exclusion from confidential info.

Then, the receiving party’s obligations should be included in the agreement, too. For example, the receiving party has to hold & maintain confidential info in the strictest confidence for the sole & exclusive benefits of the disclosing party. Anyway, all the obligations must be stated clearly.

Next, a standard confidentiality contract template will also need to include the period of time. In this case, the provisions will survive the termination and the duty of the receiving party is to hold the confidential information remain in effect until it no longer qualifies as a secret in the trade.

The next section should be for relationship. The relationship between the parties must be clear. Therefore, you will have to explain it in the agreement as detailed & clear as possible. So, each party will understand his or her own responsibilities. To make it understandable, use easy language & sentences.

Severability is the next part of the agreement. If there is any invalid or unenforceable provision found by a court, the remainder will be interpreted as the best effect of the parties’ intent. It belongs to one of the most essential information so that you cannot miss it in this kind of confidentiality agreement.

You also cannot forget including integration. In this case, the agreement expresses complete understanding of both parties with respect to the subject matter & supersedes all prior proposals, understandings, representations, & agreements. It may not be amended except being signed.

Standard Form Confidentiality Agreement

Another element included in the standard confidentiality agreement is waiver. In this case, the failure that aims to exercise the rights provided in the agreement will not be the prior waiver or the subsequent rights. For the authorization, both parties need to sign it off with printed name, title, & date completely.

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