Sample Travel Agency Agreement Template

5 Steps to Write a Travel Agency Agreement

Travel agency agreement is an agreement made between a travel agent & a tour operator company that gives the agency authority to use or operate the business on its behalf. In this case, the company gives the agency the rights to use their advertisement & promotional materials.

Basic Travel Agency Agreement Template


Tips in Writing a Travel Agency Agreement

Writing a travel agency agreement template is not difficult but it is also not as simple as you imagine. You will have to follow these steps. First of all, what you have to do is to state the involved parties’ names. The parties who will sign this agreement include the company & the travel agency.

For the company, this can be a member of board of director. For the agency, it can be a representative. They are the parties that have to sign this agreement. Make sure that you mention their full and legal names as clearly as possible.

In the second step, you will need to specify the goals of the agreement. Here, you have to define the purpose or the subject of the agreement in detail and clearly. In this part, the agent should agree to work on behalf of the promoter and also engage in booking rooms, tickets & transport services.

It is all aimed for the company with the objectives of expanding the customer base. Besides that, the agency will also be let to use the company’s promotional material in order to advertise for the services. All of these must be specific.

Creating a travel agency contract template also requires you to explain the booking & payment terms. In this part, the payment terms will make it clear that all details of booking have to be sent to the promoter before the last or the final confirmation.

Here, the promoter will have the rights to cancel or alter the booking with any reason. Besides, all of the received booking amounts are going to be sent to the promoter in 7 days after confirmation & 3 days after confirmation in emergency bookings. Both parties have to understand about it clearly.

Next, it must also be clear about the charges of liabilities & cancellation. In this case, the travel agency should be fully responsible for all transactions which are made in the name of the company and using the account of the company. Make sure that you do not forget mentioning it in the agreement.

In case of booking cancellation due to the agent, he or she is going to be liable to pay some amounts as a loss recovery based on the agreement. Here, the company can apply some extra charges before they sign the agreement. However, it depends on the company themselves.

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The final part included in the travel agency agreement is the agreement duration & both parties’ bank details. The date & the duration of the agreement must be specified. Besides that, the agreement should also mention the details of bank from both parties for transaction purpose.

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