Work for Hire Agreement Template Sample

Step by Step How to Write a Work for Hire Agreement

Work for hire is a work done by a person or a business for another. The product is called as intellectual property. Even though it sounds like a general term, it is actually very specific. In this case, you will need a work for hire agreement. Now, let’s discuss about it further.

Freelance Work for Hire Agreement


Tips to Make a Work for Hire Agreement

If you want to make a work for hire contract, there are some steps that you will have to follow. First of all, you will have to identify both parties involved. The 2 parties involved in this agreement include your business & worker. Here, you should designate the worker status, address & other details.

After identifying the parties, what you have to include next is the language which states ownership specifically. Here, you should include language which shows the understanding of both parties that it is work for hire & that the work ownership does not lies with the worker but lies with our business.

Then, you will need to explain the relationship of payment. In this part, it must be clear who the payee is, who receives the payment, what form of payment is, and when the payment is made. It is very important to build the concept of “for hire”.

Still related to this section, you will also need to provide the details on the work. Then, the format should also be clear. It must include the requirements, too. In addition, when it must be delivered should also be stated clearly. One more, it should also state the due date.

A work for hire agreement template should also include other requirements. If the worker is a contractor, some requirements may be there for this person such as getting insurance. Confidentiality agreement is also usually belong to this part.

In this part, you cannot forget describing what happens in detail if one party fails to meet his or her responsibilities in the agreement. This part may have a contract where each party agrees to settle a dispute by arbitration. Make sure that you include these all details.

Why do you need this agreement? Before you write it, you have to know why it is really needed. The main reason of creating this agreement is to make the creative work ownership explicit. Considering the importance of this agreement, you have to understand how to make it properly.

Do you need a lawyer or attorney in making this agreement? It depends on the case. Sometimes, a lawyer or attorney is required but some cases do not require an attorney. However, having an attorney to help you write this agreement will always be better so that you can consider it.

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After your work for hire agreement is written completely, you will still need to review it. So, you will know whether there is an error or mistake. If you still find a mistake, you should revise it. When everything is alright, you can print it out and let both parties sign it off.

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